HR Support 

Managing the pressures of running a business can be stressful, especially so when you have HR issues; it can be daunting and confusing knowing what you can and cannot do.  
When you have us as part of your team we can take that worry and confusion away by taking you through your options and agreeing the best course of action to take. Once this has been agreed we will be with you every step of the way until the issue is resolved. 
Some of the ways we can help are: 
Your first employee: 
When employing a team for the first time, it can be a daunting task trying to decide what HR paperwork you may need. We are able to put a package together to support you through this process and ensure that you are legally compliant from day one. 
HR Policies: 
Employment law changes frequently and it is important that you have HR policies and procedures in place and that they are kept up today. We can put polices together that are specific to your business. 
Employee relation issues: 
Unfortunately, no matter how great a team is, from time to time there will be employee relation issues that arise and if handled incorrectly these could lead to very expensive industrial tribunal claims. Some unfair dismissal compensation awards can exceed £70,000 and there is considerable management time required to deal with them. When these issues do arise for our clients we offer advice and support throughout the entire process, ensuring that they are dealt with in the correct manner to avoid such claims being made. We provide the following services to our clients: 
Advise you on how to deal with underperformance or poor conduct 
Give guidance on conducting investigations and reviewing them 
Guide you in the use of suspension 
Provide guidance and support on how to conduct a disciplinary or grievance hearing 
Attend as note taker in a disciplinary or grievance hearing 
Train managers in how to conduct formal meetings/dealing with poor performance 
Absence Management: 
Employees taking time off due to illness is part of running a business, but if you have employees who have high levels of absence and it is not managed effectively it can cost you as much as £600 per year per employee, not to mention the adverse effect this can have on morale within the team. 
If you have a problem with sickness levels within your business, some of the ways we can support you are: 
Develop an absence management strategy 
Put trigger mechanisms in place to highlight people who may need some attention 
Introduce return to work interviews and train your managers in how to conduct them effectively 
Advise on dealing with short-term absence 
Advise on dealing with long-term absence 
Performance Management/Appraisals: 
Managing performance is a continuous process that involves making sure the performance of employees contributes to the goals of the team and the business. If employees are engaged in their work they are more likely to be doing their best for your organisation. Dealing with poor performance in a fair and consistent way is vital to ensuring you have a happy and productive team. 
There are a number of tools to manage performance but an especially effective tool that can be used as part of the performance management process is an appraisal system. 
Some of the areas that we can support are: 
Establishing effective measure for performance 
Coaching managers on dealing with poor performance and providing feedback to employees 
Assisting with introducing an appraisal system into the business 
Developing an appraisal system that is right for the business 
Supporting managers with preparing for appraisal meetings 
Supporting managers with conducting appraisal meetings 
Employee development: 
To ensure that a business has the right people in the right place, personal development is key. We will put a succession plan in place for your business and provide training and implement each member of your team having a personal develop plan. We will then come in once a quarter to have a follow up meeting with each employee to see how they are doing with regards to their, develop plan and if any changes need to be made. With your team having personal development plans they will be able to grow as your business grows, ensuring that you have the skills you require and you will also be able to promote from within when appropriate. 
Outsourced HR Support: 
We offer an outsourced service which gives small businesses the HR support that they need at a fraction of the cost of employing an HR professional. 
We offer a monthly fixed fee retained service which will be bespoke to your business requirements. Alternatively, you can 'pay-as-you-go' if you feel that your HR needs will be better served on an ad hoc basis. 
The choice of services you can choose from are: 
Telephone support 
Email support 
Employment law updates 
On-site HR reviews 
HR administration 
Training the management team on HR issues/procedures 
Support in formal meetings 
Annual HR plan to support the business objectives for the year 
Succession planning 
Support with development plans for your team 
We appreciate that recruitment can be costly, we therefore offer a fixed fee service, where you will know the total cost up front, so there will be no hidden extras when you receive the invoice. 
We can save you time and money by managing the recruitment process for you. We will put an advert together, once approved we will advertise the role on-line and manage all application that are received. We will conduct initial telephone interviews to ensure that they match the criteria you have set. You will then make the final decision on which applicants are interviewed. We can come and assist you with interviews if you wish as we have many years of experience in this area. We will liaise with candidates who are to attend an interview to ensure they have all details and information required prior to attending. We will also inform all unsuccessful candidates of the outcome. 
Psychometric profiling: 
This is an objective way for employers to measure the potential of candidates to perform well in a particular employment role. At A J HR Solutions we use a system that looks at a candidates preferences when at work. This gives us an insight into their strengths with regard to the specific jobs that our clients are looking to recruit for. 
We also use psychometric profiling to support our clients with team development. By using this tool we can highlight areas of development and look at team dynamics 
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