Posts from April 2019

HR can be a huge challenge for small businesses. It can be difficult to understand the deadlines for certain actions that need to be taken in an organisation that runs on so few people, so we’ve compiled the 5 most common challenges that small businesses face; and how to overcome them. 
This is something we get asked a lot. Once you’ve written an employee handbook, can you ever change it? Or is it set in stone forever? 
An employee handbook will always be a work in progress. Everything changes, and the first draft of a handbook that you give out to your employees could be riddled with formatting mistakes. Always bear in mind that the handbook is important, but it’s not the end of the world if it’s not perfect. Employees will look to their handbook when they aren’t sure of their rights, or the kinds of things they are expected to do at work – which is why you should endeavour to constantly update the handbook and ensure all of the information inside of it is correct. 
One of the things we love about technology is how much it’s changes the world of work. From the invention of CRM systems to manage everything in one place, through to video conferencing software so sophisticated it’s like you’re in the same room. And with VR and AR video conferencing technologies on the rise, it’s set to get even better. But the thing we love the most is the flexibility it gives employees. Gone are the days of the traditional 9-5, or the employee shackled to their desks for their entire working day. Flexible working means that employees can work at any time, from anywhere, on anything. 
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