Posts from June 2018

If you employ people in your business – even just one person – or you’ve been employed by a business before, then you’re probably familiar with the performance review. For most businesses, they’re treated as a once annual meeting between employee and manager to discuss performance and suggest improvements. But here’s the thing. A lot can happen in a year and having saved up 12 months’ worth of comments and improvements for that one review isn’t actually that useful to anyone. Which begs the question, what is the point of performance reviews, and what could you do to improve them in your business? 
Generally, businesses with under 50 employees rarely have HR support in-house. In fact, they rarely have HR support at all. That’s because the CEO, who is also the CFO, doing the work and being the dogsbody, sees it as another extra cost. But without expert HR support, a business can run into a lot of problems, no matter how small they are. They can even fail because of them. So we wanted to drill down into that, and examine 3 reasons why your small business would benefit from HR support. 
Did you know that last year over a third of workers admitted that office politics would be a main cause for leaving their jobs? Not only that, but 68.9% of workers cited ‘office gossip’ as their pet hate in the workplace. And yet, these workplace environments continue to grow, with toxic office politics becoming a real problem for a lot of business owners. So the real question is, how can you tackle toxic office politics head on, and create an open and healthy workplace culture in your business? 
If you asked a business owner about their business plan, pricing strategy, marketing plan or even their social media approach, most would be able to give you a fairly detailed answer. This is because they are considered ‘essential’ business practices (and they are). But if you ask them about their plan for HR and how they’ll be managing their human resources, most will probably say ‘I’ll worry about it at the time’. Despite being one of the most critical elements of running a business, HR is often the thing that’s left until last, and only implemented when it’s needed and not a moment before. But many smaller business owners aren’t sure how to manage an HR function – so we’re here to help. 
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