Health & Safety 

Every business owner has the legal obligation to ensure that their employees work in a safe environment, therefore having strong health & safety processes and procedures in place is crucial. 
You may not be aware but if you employ 5 people or more you must have a written health & safety policy and documented risk assessments. 
Health & Safety: 
Knowing exactly what health & safety procedures you may need for your size of business can be confusing which is why we will come and do a free assessment of your needs. We will then give you a report outlining what you are doing well and what you should introduce into your business to ensure that you are legally compliant. 
We can produce one off health & safety documents for those businesses that need to update what they already have in place or we have H&S packages for those introducing health & safety into their business for the first time. 
Health & Safety Documents - Depending on the size of your business there are certain legal health & safety documentation that you must have in place. 
This health & safety documentation must also be shared with your team and displayed or kept somewhere where all the team has access to it. 
We can advise you on which documentation you should have in place depending on the size of your business. 
We are able to produce the following health & safety documentation: 
Write/review a health & safety policy 
Conduct young person/maternity risk assessments 
Conduct generic risk assessments 
Conduct a fire risk assessment 
Conduct COSHH assessments (Chemicals) 
Produce health & safety induction training documentation 
Produce health &safety training cards 
Health & safety calendar to ensure you remain legally compliant 
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