Contracts & Handbooks 

As an employer, you have a legal duty to give new employees a written contract of employment within 8 weeks of them joining your business. Having a contract of employment ensures that there are no misunderstandings and that the employee knows what is required of them and what they can expect from you. 
We are able to produce contracts of employment that are specific to your business. 
There are generic items that must be in a contract but we can also add clauses that may be unique to your business for example if you are a retail business you may want a clause that deals with till shortages. 
We also review contracts of employment that may have been put in place some time ago and that have not been updated recently.. 
Employee Handbooks 
Having HR policies in place is important to ensure that the team know what is expected of them and what the consequences may be if they are not followed. Having these in an employee handbook allows the team to have their own personal copy of your polices and can be referred to should there be an issue. 
We can produce an employment contract specific to your business for £145.00+vat and a handbook for £275.00+vat. 
For an extra £3.50+vat per employee we can print the handbooks and send them out to you. 
If you would like us to produce a contract of employment or handbook please complete the relevant questionnaire below and submit it to us. 
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